Susana Spears oiling up her body

Hello everyone, look what I’ve got for you today. Three minutes long video clip featuring the lovely Susana Spears posing nude in the palm forest. It starts with her oiling up her curvy, fit body, she goes down to her sweet ass and up to the beautiful boobs. When she’s all oiled up she catches the sun cause she wants to be fucking tanned. This vid was cut and the quality was downgraded but still it’s a nice piece of footage. For those interested in the original, uncut version, grab it here.

Susana Spears swimming in the pool

From the first second of this clip I knew it’s going to rock. Just the fact that Susana Spears is walking nude by the swimming pool is kinda exciting for me. It turned out I wasn’t wrong. Why ? Because like in the middle of the vid she jumps into the water splashing the fuck out of it. The camera guy sneaked behind her which resulted in amazing rear view @ her perfect booty. I’ve tracked the source of this clip

Susana flaunts pierced pussy

close up of susana's pussy

close up of susana’s pussy

susana with her legs in the air

susana with her legs in the air

panties pulled down

panties pulled down

susana about to strip

susana about to strip

perfect butt

perfect butt

One of Susana’s hottest appearances ever were the photos and videos shot exclusively for In The Crack website. Here are some sample low res pics from one of the updates with ms. Spears. I’ve seen the video and it’s just amazing, of course if you’re her fan. Lots of hardcore close up’s of her pussy and stuff like this, definitely worth seeing.

Download the video from this photoshoot here

Boxing babe Susana Spears

Here’s a nice video clip with Susana. She enters the local gym and she’s ready for workout! At first she punches the boxing bag couple of times but gets bored pretty fast. Then she decides to give up on training that day and do something else instead…what I hear you ask? Get naked and masturbate! That’s right, she strips out of her boxing outfit and slowly starts touching the right places of her amazing body.

If you wish to watch the full version, click here to stream it

Susana Spears in the Water

Susana is all nude on some public beach and generally having fun with the water…and we’re having fun watching her flawless naked body. Her booty is a masterpiece and natural breasts are no worse. It seems once in a million there’s a perfect woman born, I guess Susana was lucky.

Susana making a mess in the Classroom

So the vid I’ve embeded to this site is pretty unique if you ask me. Let me explain: it starts with a bunch of guys sitting in the classroom, after a while pigtailed Susana Spears enters the room and starts making some serious mess. She’s throwing things, shouting and acting wild, click play and check it out for yourself.
In case you’d like to see the better quality version and more clips like this one, I suggest you to visit Action Girls, it’s a unique site too.

Susana Spears in Fishnet Pantyhose


Alright everyone, here’s something BIG! You haven’t seen Susana Spears THAT hot. Out of all the colours of her hair I think she looks best as brunette. The video featured Ms. S.S. posing in fishnet pantyhose and , later toying her pussy with rubber dildo! She sticks it in her mouth, and shortly after it slides deep into her snatch, how amazing is this clip?!

Susana Spears Showing Ass on Video

How about a video with your favourite fit model Susana Spears? Here it is! Zuzana’s wearing white top, pink shorts and high heels in the kitchen of her apartment. After a while the camera focuses mainly on her outstanding, hard-as-a-rock, world famous booty ! Knowing her butt is being filmed, she sticks it out and slaps it with her own hand. Later she sits on the kitchen’s table and unveils her awesome, natural breasts…the clip ends here.
If you wish to see the whole vid click here

Susana Spears Sipping Whisky!

In today’s update I’ve prepared some old (but golden) pics of the gorgeous Susana Spears from her photoshoot made for Blue Fantasies website. The elegant vixen is sipping whisky and relaxing by the pool, then suddenly she stands up and starts stripping out of her black clothes. When all naked Susana’s doing a lot of sexy poses and is also using fingers on her pussy…The Blue Fantasies site I mentioned earlier was accquired by Twistys so now you just need to join this site to see everything from both websites.


Susana Spears Striptease on the Beach

What would you do if you were walking down the beach, then went on the side to take a pee and found Susana Spears stripping out of bright lime top and sheer, white thong panties on the sand? I’d be….FREAKIN’ stunned!

Not only by the beauty of her face but also by her perfectly shaped, ultra round booty with absolutely not a trace of orange skin on it. This is quite an old set, and it’s a lot more working out for her to look like she looks now.

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