Susana Spears wears black coat

Stunning.No other word can describe what this foxy babe Susana Spears is about.  She’s got an ass on her that would stop a runaway train.  Not only that but she’s so ridiculously gorgeous that there’s nothing she is lacking in.  She’s beautiful, stacked better than a library shelf and has everything a guy could dream for.  She makes the blood run, the sweat roll, and the eyes bulge all in one shot and she knows it!  That’s why she’s posing her naked showing you that ass, those tits, and sweet, shaved pussy.

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Susana Spears In Pigtails

Susana Spears has several different looks. She can play the role of wild glamour model, or she can be that innocent pigtailed babe in plaid shorts waiting to get naked for you, like in this hot scene. It is shot in the living room of her office, sitting on her long green couch. Now we see Susana Spears lift her plaid skirt and pull her panties to the side, giving us a clear and unobstructed view of her shaved pussy. Would you like to see more of the beautiful Susana Spears? Enter her official site now and start downloading all her exclusive videos!

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Susana Spears In See Through Outfit

No matter what Susana Spears is wearing (or not wearing), she always provides us with mesmerizing striptease scenes. With a body like that, it is surprising that she is not a world famous supermodel. Perhaps Susana Spears simply loves to strip naked on camera, one cannot know for sure. All we are sure of is that she does like to show off her perfect body. Susana Spears seems to know that her fans love to receive footage of her perfect round ass, so she spins around and slowly pulls down her see through shorts, poking her ass out for the camera. Amazing!

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Susana Spears In Ripped Stockings

When you see a babe this beautiful you can’t help but be happy that she is getting completely naked on the Internet. Nevertheless here she is, in a scene so seductive and sensual it will blow your mind away. In a pure glamour style shoot that we are accustomed to seeing from Susana Spears, we see this beautiful babe pose in black stockings, a light shirt and sexy underwear. This babe has an absolutely breathtaking body. Firm, curvy, luscious… it just seems to breathe sensuality from head to toes.

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Susana Spears Leather Corset

Susana Spears sure does have a taste for all things sensual. As you can see, this scene gets sizzling hot in a hurry. The lingerie outfit she selected for today is nothing short of exquisite: a leather corset, dark panties and long stockings. The corset never concealed her boobs, and we thank her for that. The panties are the first thing to come off, as she squats down and opens her legs. There is nothing shy or timid about this beautiful babe; Susana Spears shows us her pretty shaved pussy and her tight butt with no hesitation whatsoever.

Susana Spears Casual Kitchen Strip

Susana Spears looks simply stunning in her tight shorts and white shirt. She tempts us by pulling down the backside of her shorts and shows us the top line of her ass. But she is not done yet. The scene carries on until Susana Spears is in her white panties and bra, facing the camera with her legs spread wide open. Susana knows that we are dying to see her butt, so she turns around and pulls down her underwear, proving us with a clear view of that beautiful, round booty. It does not get better than this.

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